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How to Remotely Access a Client’s Reckon Account?

Reckon is an accounting application which helps you to manage your business flow. If you have an accounting application you don’t need an accountant. This will sort your everyday issues pertain to accounting and daily business stuff like bookkeeping, invoice, balance sheet and so on. The most versatile thing about the Reckon is its remote access you can log in with your account from any device after verifying its originality.

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Well, to access a client’s account you will need verification from a client to use the account on another device. Basically, without client’s permission, no one can able to log in their account.

In order to follow the following procedure as suggested by the experts of Reckon Support, follow them precisely.

1. Get the permission from a client:

As we said that you will a permission of a client to access their account. For that, request a client to add a new user in their book and for that pursue the following methods.

  • Go to the official Reckon homepage. 
  • Search for “Control Panel” button on the top right. 
  • On the page look for Add a new user button and click on it.
  • Now enter your details in the dialogue box and in last finalize the process.

2. Now you will receive an email:

The email that you received recently after processed the above steps contain all the information that is relevant for you to know and get into your client’s book.

  • Navigate to the “Reckon” homepage and log in as an accountant.
  • In the application window, click on the control panel and enter the credentials you receive in the email.

If you are unable to follow the process you can contact our experts through a toll-free number at Reckon Customer Support NZ: 099509151. With the optimum assistance, our executives will provide you with the maximum solutions so that you will not face the issue again.

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